Southeast Arborist is a family owned and Certified Arborist operated tree company serving South Shore, MA. We have the equipment to handle the largest tree removals or the smaller pruning projects. With specialized climbing and rigging equipment we can safely and efficiently complete your tree care needs with no impact/damage to the surrounding landscape or structures. Our team of professional arborists apply their extensive knowledge and experience into every job. Education is paramount to our operation to stay up to date with the ever changing work procedures and tree care standards. Safety is a culture within our company when it comes to equipment operation, rigging or climbing we follow the ANSI Z133 standards as well as company safety policies.

Pruning is our specialty and we use a prescriptive pruning approach by having Certified Arborists at the estimate and in the field performing work procedures. This allows us to mitigate the risk that comes with having large trees on a property. Our Certified Arborists will prescribe pruning techniques based on knowledge acquired from studying under leaders in Arboriculture such as Dr. Gilman and Dr. Ball which have dedicated their lives to the study of trees. Climbing spikes will never be used on a tree that is not being removed by our Arborists which could kill, damage or introduce disease to your valuable trees. Our climbers utilize single rope technique to access the crown of your trees safely by way of rope access leaving no impact to your landscape trees.

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