Tree Removal

When planning on removing a tree from your property it is important to get a local professional to do the job. Give Southeast Arborist LLC a call and our tree removal and pruning experts will visit your home and take care of fallen or unsuitable trees immediately.

One reason for removing a tree from your property is if it is dead or diseased, which attracts insects and other wild life that could potentially damage your home. Dead branches are likely to fall, risking injury and property destruction.

Dead trees are more likely to uproot in a storm due to the weakened root system and should be taken down immediately. Failure to do so has required our emergency team to come and take them off of cars and homes after falling.  This results in a higher job cost in addition to increased insurance premiums.

Any tree that is damaging personal or public property should be removed as well.  For example, if the root system is breaking the foundation of your home, damaging roadways or driveways.  It should be removed before any further damage is created.   Large trees planted close to homes should be evaluated, considering that the root system of a tree can be as large or larger than the canopy.  Many people do not even realize the damage being done to the foundation due to it not being visible.   Southeast Arborist LLC will do a consultation regarding any concerns you may have with your trees and landscape.  Removal is always our last resort when we evaluate your property but is required in some of these cases.

Tree Trimming/Pruning

Proper trimming can improve the safety, health and appearance of trees and their surrounding area. Our professionals have the experience and training necessary to prune any tree safely and efficiently.  Pruning should be done to remove hazards such as broken or dead limbs, improving the appearance of your landscape as well.  Also, regular pruning promotes new growth and flowering. If pruned by one of our professional arborists we can redirect the tree to grow in a desired direction. Trees are usually trimmed for one of these reasons:


Pruning a tree properly helps to maintain its shape and appearance. When trimming a tree you should hire a professional because the tree can be seriously damaged if improperly pruned. Never remove greater than 30% of the tree when trimming. We can elevate, thin, and reduce the crown of the tree using precisely placed cuts so that the tree can heal correctly. This allows more light to pass through a tree so that grass and other plants will flourish under it.


Dead and broken branches or palm fronds can fall, which is a serious life-threatening hazard. Coconuts and other fruits such as mangoes can be harmful when they fall and should be taken off the tree.

 Also, if any of the branches on a tree obstruct your vision when driving, they should be trimmed away immediately so that you can safely pull on to the road with a clear view of oncoming traffic.

 Trees should be trimmed away from power lines to avoid an interruption of your electrical service.  Southeast Arborist LLC employees are trained in electrical hazard procedures to handle this type of job.


It is sometimes possible to save an infected tree by strategically pruning away affected branches and limbs. Thinning the crown of a tree improves airflow, which can save the tree from damage in a storm, therefore maintaining the ongoing health of the tree. If branches are crossed and rubbing the bark can be damaged, making the tree susceptible to disease and may fall unexpectedly.

Vista pruning:

Over a period of time the view you have from your property may have become obstructed by overgrowth of trees and shrubs. Trimming away what is blocking a view of the ocean or any other desired scenery can improve the peace and tranquility your property has to offer. This should be strongly considered by anyone trying to sell a piece of land or home as it increases the property value.

Stump Removal

Elimination of stumps is a daunting task for a property manager or homeowner. Without the proper tools and experience it can become a very dangerous task that often leads to injury. Southeast Arborist LLC provides stump removal and grinding services for homes and businesses. Once the stump is removed you will be able to plant over where there was once a tree.

Emergency Services

We offer a 24-hour emergency tree removal response service. Southeast Arborist LLC is accessible outside of normal business hours. With our Emergency Tree Services, you can rest assured that we care as much about getting the job done right as you do.

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