In Palm Beach County, Florida hurricane tree pruning is a necessary part of preparing for the upcoming season. Do not wait until the last minute when a hurricane is in the forecast to call and have your trees trimmed. Southeast Arborist, LLC follows all ANSI A300 pruning standards to ensure the heath and safety of your trees. Many times I have seen customers that have hired untrained tree pruners to perform hurricane trimming on their trees and illegal pruning practices where used. One example of an illegal pruning practice is “hat-racking” this is when the tree is topped to the point where it has little to no vegetation left on it. There is a difference between heading a tree and topping a tree, heading reduces the height properly back to a lateral branch leaving sufficient apical buds to inhibit activation of dormant buds. Over-thinning or rooster-tailing is another form of illegal pruning which should be avoided. When hiring a tree company you should always take into consideration whether they have the proper knowledge and training necessary to perform the job to ensure the health of the tree. Many Cities and Towns in Palm Beach County, FL have adopted the ANSI A300 standards into their code for tree care and if not properly followed you the customer could receive a violation for having your trees pruned improperly. If you are found in violation of illegal pruning you may have to pay a fine to the Town/City or County as well as have the tree removed and replace with a new tree. Illegal pruning could cost you thousands more than what you initially would have spent to have the tree pruned properly by a professional arborists like we have at Southeast Arborist, LLC.


Hurricane Tree Pruning

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