Choosing a tree service company can be a daunting task if you do not already have a relationship with a local business in Palm Beach County, FL.  Feeling the need to get multiple estimates to find the best price is a common concern among property owners.  However, the lowest price does not always mean your work will be performed in a professional manner.  Many people in Palm Beach County, FL offer tree services, but few have the necessary training to care for your trees to ensure the health and aesthetic value they bring to your property.  Trees add value to your property and should be treated as an investment, increasing the equity of your home or business.  Hiring a company with the proper insurance and licensing is a crucial factor, with the high risk nature of the tree service industry you the customer could be responsible for the financial burden of an incident if a company was not covered.  Having untrained personnel performing the work at your home could lead to costly fines, restoration or replacement of trees if the pruning or removal was not compliant with the Town/City or County Code.

Some of the larger companies in the area advertise as being an ISA Certified Arborist, which means they do have at least one on staff, but the Certified Arborist is rarely the one performing the work at your property.  Southeast Arborist, LLC offers tree services which are performed by an ISA Certified Arborist which separates us from our competition.  We are familiar with all the codes and follow the ANSI A300 Standards to avoid unnecessary violations due to improper pruning.  Taking the time to educate our customers is important to us because it is our mission to improve the standard of tree care in our service area.

Many times the customer wishes to prune their tree in a manner which could lead to a code violation. “Hat Racking” is a common example of a type of pruning which property owners ask for, out of concern that damage would occur during the hurricane season.  Our Certified Arborists are there for the estimate to explain why such practices are not an ethical method of caring for their trees.  It can be misleading to residents when other companies advertise this illegal pruning, making it common to observe other trees which have had this type of pruning done within their community.  Another problem common in this area is to hire an untrained tree pruner to perform the work at your property and they improperly prune your trees.  Many of our customers that are aware of proper pruning practices have been a victim of these companies, paying them to perform pruning to be left with severely damaged trees.

Choosing A Tree Service Company

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