If you are trying to sell your house or plan to in the future, keep reading to find out how our tree services can help you get more for your property!

Reduce Liability
Do you have:

~Trees leaning towards your home
~Trees growing over your roof, pool or lanai
~Roots pushing up your driveway or walkways
~Trees with dead branches
~Full coconut palms
~Dead trees on the property
~Trees growing into power lines

Neither homeowners nor potential buyers should consider living in a home where these hazards exist. Southeast Arborist has all of the equipment and certifications to identify and alleviate these potentially dangerous situations.

Add A Water View

Increasing the water views from each room in your house can add significant value to your property. Ocean, canal or even man-made ponds create pleasant views and shouldn’t be blocked by landscape plantings and trees.
Southeast Arborist uses Vista Pruning techniques to increase your water views while maintaining privacy

A Well-Maintained Landscape Indicates A Well-Maintained Home

Most buyers aren’t looking to take on big home repairs and improvements, and that includes overgrown trees and landscape.