Legitimate tree service companies must register with the state of Florida, carry a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance and provide worker’s compensation for all employees. Insurance companies may not cover incidents above 10 feet incurred by landscape companies, leaving the homeowner liable for any damages. Also, if an employee is injured without workers compensation or proper coverage the medical expenses would not be covered by insurance and the property owner may be liable.
Above: Example of unsafe work practices

ISA Certified Arborists are professionals with years of education and training on tree biology, soil science, proper work procedures and safety. They are experts in protecting and maintaining tree health, with a strong understanding of proper growth patterns and soil conditions for optimal tree health.
Certified Arborists have extensive training and experience in proper tree pruning in order to remove dead branches, stimulate growth and maintain tree health. Arborists utilize the ANSI A300 Pruning Standard to ensure they do not wound or damage the tree, reducing possible damage from disease and insects. They are also trained in how to properly plant trees at correct depths and provide ideal growing conditions for young trees.

Above: a “topped” or “hat-racked” tree. In Palm Beach County this is a code violation that carries a $250 fine and/or required replacement of the tree.

Above: a “liontailed” tree, also against PBC pruning code. This also constitutes a code violation and fine.
Legitimate tree service professionals are trained to operate heavy, dangerous equipment in accordance to OSHA standards. Certified Arborists are specifically trained to perform their work in the safest possible way, and they also use various forms of personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety and reduce work related accidents. This may include the use of safety goggles, hard hats, fall protection, chainsaw protective trousers and other safety equipment.
Above: Equipment used daily by Southeast Arborist, LLC
Above: Michael Casey ISA Certified Arborist FL-9268A & Owner of Southeast Arborist, LLC traversing from one tree to another during removal procedures. With the use of ropes, climbing saddle, PPE and rigging devices we were able to remove these two Pine trees leaning over the customers garage.

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